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Eda's Sugar Free Hard Candy

Welcome to Sugar Free Suckers new store front!

We sell Eda's Sugar FREE hard candy

No Sugar, No Salt, No "net" Carbs, No Trans Fats, No Cholesterol, No Glutens


Eat Sweet Treats with NO Remorse!

Eda's Sugerfree voted the best tasting SUGARFREE hard candy available.

Eda's sugar free hard candy is: diabetic friendly, weight watcher friendly, helping people who want to quit smoking cigarettes, helping body builders achieve there goals, helping models keep their figure.

 Eda's SugarFree Hard Candy

Eda's sugar free hard candy

Made in USA

Eda's sugar free hard candy is voted the BEST tasting sugar free candy!

try it you will love it!

We ship candy orders every Monday Morning, we do not want your candy sitting in a HOT warehouse over the weekend.